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Imagine a soft, rich mixture of the finest chocolate and fresh whipping cream, accentuated with select liqueurs, fine wine, Espresso, Blackberry Puree or another of our special flavors. Each luscious morsel is so soft, so smooth, it literally melts in your mouth. Each truffle is carefully hand decorated to make it as appealing to your eyes as to your taste buds. Our truffles are the penultimate chocolate experience.

Flavored with the finest Amaretto liqueur which gives it a subtle cherry background note. Available covered in milk or dark chocolate.
Blackberry Blossom
Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of a berry patch when the berries are at their peak of flavor—smooth, delicate and definitely delicious. Available covered in dark chocolate only.

Cape Cod
White chocolate, tart cranberries and a hint of orange create a wonderful refreshing truffle. Available covered in milk or dark chocolate.

The marriage of two fabulous flavors. In crafting this truffle, we use a milder dark chocolate to balance the subtle fruity notes of the champagne. You shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to savor this truffle. Available covered in milk or dark chocolate.

If you prefer straight, intense, chocolate, this is the truffle for you. Our darkest dark chocolate is used to create the most intense experience imaginable. Available drenched in milk or dark chocolate.
Chocolate Raspberry
Our most popular flavor combination, rich dark chocolate with more than a hint of fresh black raspberries. Comes smothered in milk or dark chocolate.

Our darkest dark chocolate and pure peppermint are used to create our version of this classic combination of flavors. Comes in dark chocolate only.

Fisher Ridge Wine
The pairing of a premium dessert wine and rich dark chocolate yields a truffle with a wonderful fruity background note. This is our most subtle truffle with a range of complex aftertastes. We use a specially selected dark chocolate to compliment the wine.

Grand Marnier
The most famous of liqueurs lends a superb orange flavor note to this fabulous truffle. Many customers swear that this is the best truffle we’ve ever created. Several of our friends say that “you haven’t behaved well enough in life to deserve one of these.” Available with milk or dark chocolate on the outside.
A smooth, subtle rather dry flavor with a hint of the tropics. Part of our Tropical Collection. Available in dark chocolate only.

The essence of Hazelnuts lends a mild, nutty background flavor to this smooth truffle. The flavor is delicate so we cover this in milk chocolate only.

The fresh, bright tropical mango lends a wonderful flavor to this truffle that is slightly sassy up front and smooth in the finish. Included in our Tropical Collection. Dressed in dark chocolate.

Lemon Meringe Pie
The flavor of premium espresso enhances the intense chocolate of this truffle. Covered in milk or dark chocolate.

Peach Brandy
A sophisticated blend of peaches and brandy with a complex aftertaste. Covered in dark chocolate.
Passion Fruit